I hate that I need to do this, but my dog and I might be sleeping in my car tonight.


An unexpectedly positive update! Almost entirely copied/pasted from the GoFundMe update I posted last night when I was so tired I could barely type...

So I picked up Duncan yesterday morning. The snot was absolutely thrilled that he had made mom come and get him.

Before I actually hit the road to the kennel, however, my cousin Jen came through at the literal 11th hour. A friend of hers, who is a dog groomer and sitter, offered to take him in! We met at her house to introduce Duncan to her other dogs, and after a few hours, I was willing to cautiously declare it a success. He pooped and peed in the house once and woke her in the middle of the night, but she's very obviously the sort of person who likes dogs and books more than people, so it's not anything that she would freak out about. It may have helped that she's been spoiling him with copious numbers of bully sticks.

You are all the BEST, and your signal boosting and the money it raised was desperately needed to get Duncan to someplace safe - for instance, I used up most of a fresh tank of gas driving for hours back and forth across two states. Plus, I had to hit up PetSmart for supplies.

Still, people gave me donations explicitly based on the idea that it would be used to pay for boarding, not pet care in general. I spent a lot of the driving time yesterday trying to figure out how to handle this.

I'm checking to see if GoFundMe allows direct refunds of any sort. Either way

GIANT, GIANT CAVEAT: in a couple of days, assuming things at the new foster are still working out and I don't need to fall back on the kennel idea again. So far so good!

I will be offering anyone who donated to me some of your money back if you want it (i.e., minus the amount used in yesterday's activities and similar Duncan moving support today and tomorrow). If you don't want the refund, the money you already sent will go to the pet food, pet supplies, vets bills, etc. that I'm still responsible for during foster care, for which I have very little left in my bank account.

If you decide you want the refund, please comment here, or on the GoFundMe page, or message me on Facebook, or other such method.

Thank you all, forever, for all the help and support! This place is the best.

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Sorry to do this, but -

I'm currently unemployed, couldn't pay my rent, and have been evicted. My brother is letting me live with him, but I wasn't able to bring any of my pets. (He, his wife, and my nephew are all allergic.) Living in a motel for a couple of weeks burned through most of what little remaining savings I had, but in the end I managed to find fosters for all of my cats and dogs.

However, Duncan's foster situation hasn't worked out, and I haven't been able to find a replacement. I need to pick him up in just over six hours, and I have nowhere to take him after I do.

This morning, I set up a GoFundMe to try to board him instead of fostering. Unfortunately, I've only gotten $10 so far. I wasn't exactly counting on fully funding a couple of months of boarding costs (though it would be wonderful), but I was hoping to gain at least a couple of days or weeks of breathing room.

I'm not chatty and not exactly a big name, but I've been in a lot of fandoms over the last couple of decades, so I'm sure at least some people reading this can attest that I'm a real person, not a scammer.

Help, please!

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Crap. FB is now my mortal enemy.

The very last thing I need today is for a guy I lived with for a little while (platonically) sending me a Facebook message:

1. Admitting that he lied about his age and only just turned 21, and

2. Professing his feelings for me (which I always knew about but ignored because he was already too young for me and I'm bad at confrontation).

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Re: Once Upon A Time


Only one problem - I'm face blind enough that half the time I won't recognize a character when we switch worlds. It seriously took me the entire episode to realize who Mary Margaret Blanchard was. Seriously.

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I like Warehouse 13, but it really pisses me off sometimes. Are lesbians so terrifying that you can write the world's least subtext multi-season romance, seriously making Xena look subtle, where one of the characters has verbally confirmed that she sleeps with women, and you can't give them a fucking goodbye kiss, or even just an "I love you"? I swear to god, if they find a way to bring her back again next season and there isn't a kiss, I'm going to explode in sheer fury. It's not going to shock anyone - blind, deaf fundamentalists who don't own tvs have already noticed that they're in love, thanks.

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